Wednesday, 22 May 2013

moccasins for little feet by freshly picked

How completely adorable are these hand made moccasins by Freshly Picked???  I own quite a few pairs of moccasins for myself and they look so much cuter on little feet.  I ordered the platinum pair for my little girl and I'm now totally obsessed with Freshly Picked!  The quality is amazing and the leather wears really well getting nice and soft the more you wear them.  The platinum color went with absolutely everything and even picked up the colors around like a little chameleon.  Both of my kids loved taking their shoes off and throwing them on the floor (I'm pretty sure all babies like doing this).  The best part of these moccasins is that they stay put on her feet and has a hard time pulling them off which I cannot say about most baby shoes.

I've already ordered the next size in silver for spring/summer if it ever arrives in London.  How I wish I could squeeze my feet into a pair!


  1. What a cool find, thanks A.! I am off to check them out. xoxo

  2. They are having a sale on 27-31 May so wait for then :) x