Monday, 20 May 2013

traveling with kids made easy by smith and family

Traveling with children is seriously stressful and trying to find a place to stay at the destination takes a whole lot of research.  Basically you can throw out everything you wanted from a hotel pre-kids because that list just won't work anymore.  It's not just the planning and the getting there but also the amount of packing involved for these little people that involves so much time and effort.  Of course you want to make sure that there is plenty for the kids to do once you arrive so you're not just stuck with them in a room with nothing to do.  Plus it is still really important to make sure that the grown ups can enjoy the stay as well with lots of amenities since after all it is us spending the big bucks!

Luckily for us traveling with a circus the people at Mr. and Mrs. Smith have created Smith and Family, a luxury travel website for families.  True to Mr. and Mrs. Smith style only the very best is featured and Smith and Family includes hotels, guest-houses as well as resorts.  All of the featured properties are tested, reviewed and recommended by parents so you know that you are getting to stay at a super kid-friendly hotel.  In the overview you will see dining options, room tips, childcare options and other handy dandy tips all focused on family travel.  Grown-ups are not neglected in the reviews and plenty of recommendations there too.  So far the site is a beta version featuring properties in Europe only.

Be sure to check out their blog Smith and Kids for travel tips, destination guides and more reviews.  All parent approved!

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