Thursday, 9 May 2013

ooh la la... hermes avalon blanket

Pinterest Images from:

Pinterest Images from:

So I've recently discovered Pinterest (I clearly live behind a giant rock) and I can spend all day everyday just pinning images.  It is sooooooo addicting and I love being able to find so many amazing images from like minded people all in one space.  I have been gathering images for our upcoming home renovations for inspiration and I'm seriously dying for a classic Hermes Avalon blanket for our living room.  Now where can I shave off some savings from the budget to have one of these babies??? 

These are some fabulous rooms I have pinned showcasing the gorgeous blanket.  There are plenty more photos on my Pinterest Hermes Board for you all to drool over.

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  1. I like pinterest but it ends up getting messy and i don't file properly and it ends up just like my files in real life! :)