Saturday, 25 May 2013

hermes - festival des metiers at the saatchi gallery


I have been waiting all week to visit the Hermes exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery and so happy the sun was shining for some kid-free fun.  The Festival des Metiers - A Rendezvous with Hermes  Craftspeople gives us a glimpse into the secret world of Hermes and a real appreciation for how much work goes into creating each piece.  There are many stations set up at the exhibit with different craftspeople creating items including scarves, ties, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, and porcelain trays.  It is truly amazing seeing everyone in action and watching artists hard at work.

I met my fellow blogger and neighbor Little S of The Lilac Pages at the exhibition and had such a lovely afternoon chatting away about girlie/mommy things.  Of course we forgot the Chelsea Flower Show was happening nearby and also being a Saturday the exhibition was super crowded.  We were on our very tippy toes trying to catch a view.  I loved seeing all the tools close up as if they were surgeon's tools ready for some spectacular feat.  The rainbow spools of threads displayed throughout the exhibit were just so beautiful and I felt like a kid in a candy store.  How cool is the patterned carpet???

The Festival des Metiers is only on display for a few more days until 27 May 2013 so hope everyone gets a chance to check it out before it's over!

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